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I offer sessions at my private fully equipped location (Newville,  Pennsylvania) Private parking and private entrance for your discretion.
I do occasionally travel and can notify you via email when I will be in the Philadelphia, Allentown, and Pittsburgh area.

Sessions are available Monday through Saturday 9:00am -12:00am
Email with a description of your interest, however all session bookings must be confirmed via phone call. 

Tribute must be presented in an unmarked envelope before our session.  


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$200~ One Hour 

$350~ Two Hours 

Two or More Hours:

To Be Discussed
**All sessions require either deposit or a reference

  • Sensation Play

  • Domestic Servitude

  • Human Furniture

  • Roleplay

  • Foodplay

  • Foot and Leg Worship

  • Petplay 

  • Ageplay

  • Humiliation

  • Trampling/Crushing

  • Queening

  • Forced Fem/Sissification

  • Forced Bi

  • Pegging

  • Anal Play

  • Stretching/Fisting

  • CBT

  • Sounding

  • Tease/Denial/Ruined 

  • Corporal 

  • Light Sensual Domination

  • Ballbusting

  • Chastity/Keyholding

  • Estim

  • Medical Play

  • Needleplay

  • Knifeplay

  • Castration

  • Impact Play

  • Spanking/OTK

  • Hypnotic Fluffergasm

  • Religious/Blasphamy

  • Forced Intoxication/Poppers

**Online Session  tributes  differ. Use the contact form below to get more details. 


(1) Address me as Miss Jen, treat me with respect and approach me with humility. NO TOPPING FROM THE BOTTOM!

(2)  Zero nudity on my person or skin to skin contact.  I do not provide fluid exchange (ext golden/spit)    



(3) Safe, sane, and stable!  I am often approached by subs who are attracted to my dark side, however mental instability is not attractive.  
    Think more along the lines of dark and mysterious, thrilling with     sexy.


(4)  Show up on time.  If for any reason you are late, you must call.  COMMUNICATION IS KEY!   


(5) HEALTHY HYGIENE IS IMPERATIVE!  You must be hygienic and have completed the necessary preparations for our time together.  This includes a proper  cleanout  


(6) DO NOT TOUCH ME unless I have given you explicit permission. Failure to respect my wishes will result in immediate removal from my playspace.





If you are interested in online or real time sessions with Me, fill out the form below 

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